Kidzmania is very pleased to confirm that we are now able to re-open as a Covid 19 secure play centre for children.

Please bear in mind that there are some restrictions which will alter the Kidzmania experience. Our priority, however, is the safety of children, parents and staff

We will now have the following regulations. Please check this page regularly as the regulations may change in line with government guidance




  1. We are currently limiting the numbers allowed in to 45 as we consider this to be the maximum number that the venue holds. Allowing in more than this number makes the venue less comfortable for everyone. This means that there may be times, particularly at weekends, when you may have to queue. 
  2. If you are asked to wait outside, please do not abuse our staff, even if it is raining. 
  3. We do not currently have an online booking system. This means that you have to pay on the door when you arrive. We have looked at various systems, but at the moment we feel that the drawbacks of such a system significantly outweigh the benefits


During your play

  1. In order to keep the play equipment as clean as possible, please do not take food or drink into the play areas
  2. Shoes are not permitted on the play equipment, again to keep the areas as clean as possible. 
  3. Adults are asked not to go onto the play equipment unless your child requires your support. If you do need to go on the equipment please remember this is a soft play centre for children and take extra care of all children on the equipment

On Departure

  1. Please leave on your allotted time as quickly as possible, particularly if we are busy. If not, you are taking the place of someone who is waiting patiently outside. 


We love holding parties for children at Kidzmania. But please remember, particularly if you have the last party of the day, that our staff have been on their feet all day. Please therefore leave on time.