Kidzmania has a new website! Our first website was built way back in 2012, which is only 6 years ago, but a lifetime in Internet terms! We thought that it was time for a new one to bring us back up to date.

Our new website will allow us to communicate with our customers a little better, particularly in relation to the development of the New Kidzmania. It is much delayed and still unclear when the demolition of the old building and carpark  will finally begin. When we do know, we will update you here. One of the most important changes when the demolition does start is that we will lose the use of the carpark. We will have a new entrance, so it will be important to keep checking our website and Facebook page for up to the minute news

It will also contain details of when we close early for exclusive parties and for essential maintenance and cleaning. Although this information was on the old website, it was hard to find. We hope that you will find it much easier to find now, as it on the front page of the website.

We have always taken pride in the place that we have in the local community, and we will be using our News section to celebrate some of the things happening in our community and with our customers. If you have an event or some news, please contact us  here and we will be very happy to include it in our News section.

We would absolutely love to have some comments and suggestions on our posts in our News section, so please feel free to comment and share.