We are getting ready for our Noddy and Banksy exhibition and sale here on Thursday 29th November.


Banksy probably does not need any introduction. We will have a number of his works on. show, including his Keep it Real, Radar Rat, Happy Choppers, Rubber Ducky, Self Portrait

Noddy and Banksy at Kidzmania

Tracey Emin

Tracey Emin has always been a controversial artist and we are very pleased to be able to showcase a little of her work here. Nothing too startling, but if you were looking to start a modern collection, you could not go wrong with her Robin card

Tracey Emin @ Kidzmania

Connor Brothers

And we are particularly excited to have some works from the Connor Bros. A pair of fictional artists, their profile on the their website (http://www.theconnorbrothers.com/about-us/)    describes them as making art so as to make sense of the world. Their often humorous work is often steeped in references to historical and popular culture.

Connor Bros @ Kidzmania

Of course no Noddy meets Banksy exhibition would be complete without a good collection of illustrations Of Noddy and others. Of particular interest may be the collection of illustrations of Thomas the Tank Engine. Those of us who can still remember the pre-digital age will know that cartoons were made to appear to move by filing hundreds of slightly different pictures. These pictures now are an interesting throwback to an almost forgotten era. They may also be of particular interest as Christening presents for children, especially if their names are Thomas, Gordon, Percy etc. Not only will they look great on the Nursery Wall, but they will also increase in value

Thomas the Tank Engine @ Kidzmania


The Exhibition and Sale of Noddy meets Banksy will be held in Kidzmania on the 29th November from 10.30 am. Admission is free provided you have obtained your free ticket from Eventbrite,      https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/o/kidzmania-hackney-18070349152   Without a ticket, admission on the door is at usual Kidzmania prices.

You may also find more information, particularly about some of the works to be exhibited in the News Section of this site, http://www.kidzmania.co.uk/news and on our Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/KidzmaniaHackney/

The Brandler Galleries

Our exhibition Noddy Meets Bansky is co-hosted by John Brandler of the Brandler Galleries. John is widely recognised as a leading authority on the work of Banksy, and has established a reputation for spotting an artist you can afford to buy today but will not be able to afford next week. Can you afford not to be here?

John will be on hand to give advice on how to build a collection of pictures for pleasure and profit. Why not have a look at his website


And see if there is anything you would like to buy. If it is not going to be included in the exhibition, John can always bring it with him. Some of the smaller pieces make perfect corporate Christmas gifts, and if you are really stuck, you can always buy a Brander gift card!

We hope to see you at the exhibition!