There will be some changes at Kidzmania over the next few days and weeks.

This weekend (15 and 16 February) the car park will finally be closed by the owners of the site. Although demolition of the old site will not start immediately, it will be starting in the near future. Hopefully we will soon see some progress as we are really looking forward to moving into our new home.

Monday 17th February

In the meantime, we will remain in the Hall where we are now. The first big change will be in our entrance. We can no longer use the car park so from Monday 17th February, entrance to Kidzmania will be through the passage to the left hand side of our current entrance, adjacent to the Huddleston Centre.

The second change is that we have to move our entrance counter and pram storage inside the Hall. This will mean of course that we will have a little less space to use and we will have to be creative in trying to make the best of what we have. We may have to try out several different options, so please be patient with us.

Pram storage is going to be more difficult, so please be prepared to fold up your pram where possible.

Car Parking

We are losing the car park so of course parking around Kidzmania is going to be much more difficult. There is a small amount of paid for parking outside and in one of the adjacent side streets. Please do not park in the private

It is still unclear when the construction of the flats and New Kidzmania will take place, but it does seem that at long last it will begin, probably in the Summer. We expect that the building will take 24 months to complete and then we can move into a new building and start to build the sort of resource for Hackney Children for which we have all been waiting so long.