We are taking additional hygiene precautions at Kidzmania during the current virus pandemic to ensure that children, adults and staff are as safe as possible.

As well as our usual daily clean, we are also wiping the equipment down during the day with sanitiser spray. The tables, chairs, counters and door handles are being wiped down regularly.

We ask parents to take their children to wash their hands on arrival. We will have hand sanitisers at Reception when we have been able to source some new ones.

If our staff show signs of the virus, they will stay at home, and we ask that parents do not bring children, or themselves, in if they are feeling unwell.

We are considering reducing the capacity of Kidzmania by half, to 30 children, although numbers are quite low so a formal reduction may not be necessary.

We are of course continually monitoring the situation, and if there is a marked increase in numbers of people infected in Hackney will consider either closing completely or being open just for booked parties.